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Running, 10 mph (6 min/mile)

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Exercise Calorie Values

1 hour 2 hours 30 min 15 min 1 minute
Calories for Standard Weight 154lbs/70kg1048 cals /hour2096 cals524 cals262 cals17 cals
Calories for Female, below average weight898 cals /hour1796 cals449 cals225 cals15 cals
Calories for Female, average weight1123 cals /hour2245 cals561 cals281 cals19 cals
Calories for Female, overweight1347 cals /hour2694 cals674 cals337 cals22 cals
Calories for Male, below average weight973 cals /hour1946 cals486 cals243 cals16 cals
Calories for Male, average weight1197 cals /hour2395 cals599 cals299 cals20 cals
Calories for Male, overweight1497 cals /hour2994 cals748 cals374 cals25 cals

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