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This food competes well in Sodium (Na)

TACO BELL, Soft Taco with beef

Sodium (Na) levels

Food facts for TACO BELL, Soft Taco with beef

Competing foods in same class (all values for 3.5oz - 100g)

633 mg, 26% RDA: Cereal, Purely O's Cascadian Farm Orgainic.

633 mg, 26% RDA: Margarine-butter blend, soybean oil and butter.

633 mg, 26% RDA: Tabasco.

633 mg, 26% RDA: Fast foods, cheeseburger; double, regular patty, with condiments and vegetables.

633 mg, 26% RDA: POPEYES, Fried Chicken, Mild, Wing, meat only, skin and breading removed, analyzed prior to January 2007.

632 mg, 26% RDA: TACO BELL, Soft Taco with beef.

632 mg, 26% RDA: PIZZA HUT 14" Cheese Pizza, Regular Crust.

632 mg, 26% RDA: Fast Food, Pizza Chain, 14" pizza, pepperoni topping, regular crust.

632 mg, 26% RDA: KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN, Fried Chicken, EXTRA CRISPY, Drumstick, meat and skin with breading.

632 mg, 26% RDA: Cheese, cheddar, SARGENTO Reduced Fat Medium Cheddar Slices.

632 mg, 26% RDA: crab cakes, lump.


Please see: TACO BELL, Soft Taco with beef Nutrition and RDA's

RDA levels

Food facts for TACO BELL, Soft Taco with beef

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